Gantner.RAS is a remote access service for global fleet management of onsite data acquisition and control (DAQ) devices. Designed for Gantner Q.reader hardware and third-party devices.

Key features

Gantner RAS

Key Features and Downloads

Gantner.RAS Features

  • Access to onsite data acquisition and control (DAQ) devices, global fleet management of Gantner Q.reader hardware and third-party hardware
  • High Security Connection SSH encoded connection, 4096-bit RSA-Key identification
  • Configuration backup for data logger and PPC, easy recovery of configurations
  • Configuration activities tracking
  • Connection availability log
  • Fleet wide firmware update management
  • REST API for access to current values of field devices
  • Gantner.RAS access by Web browser, replace of VPN connection
  • Configurable port forwarding supports TCP connections e.g. HTTPS, SFTP, SSH, HTTP, Modbus TCP (FTP/FTPS is not supported)
  • User-Management configuration of access levels and users
  • Runs on any standard web browser and on smart devices
  • Hosted on high-performance cluster based in Germany

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