Q.reader cabinet "QRC"

The “Q.reader cabinet” is an fully customized solution based on the specific customer and individual project requirements. All switchgear cabinets are manufactured "Made in Zwoenitz/Germany“ in compliance to IEC 61439 Low-voltage switchgear and control gear assemblies. The production process is ISO 9001 certified to reach the high-quality goal of Gantner Instruments.

Main components


Main components

  • Q.reader central, Data logger with integrated plant control
    Protocols from all leading inverter manufacturers are integrated
    I/O devices (e.g. weather stations, medium voltage parameters)
  • Digital and analog inputs/outputs
  • power supply, 100 - 240VAC/24 DC
  • UPS with monitoring
  • VPN router
  • DSL, 3/4G or Satellite communication
  • Industrial network switch with fiber optic option
    multimode or single mode to connect to external equipment and Gantner Field Point Extensions “FPE”
  • RS485 fieldbus interface
  • SPD´s for all communication ports
  • IP65 housing
  • Wall-/rack or ground mounted

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